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19 August 2010 @ 10:54 am
Plebotomy Class  
The Phlebotomy course I'm taking is in 2 parts. Basic and Advances, two different classes. You have to pass Basic to get in Advanced (duh). Basic is 6 weeks, Advanced, 5. (They are only 1 day a week.) I just finished Basic.

Day 1: There are 12 students. The teacher gives us 14 packets with 15 - 25 questions on each. She tells us, "These are the questions that might be on the final. 140 of them will be there. Learn them all, and you won't fail." She gives us a sheet called The Order of Draw, 7 questions. "Learn this, it will be on the final." She also gives us a sheet that has a picture of the heart and a picture of the arm with veins. The name of the various parts are labeled. "Learn this too. It will be on the final. There is also a word bank, and spelling counts."

Day 2-5: Teacher: "Remember, it is important to learn the Order of the Draw. It will be on the test. Don't forget to study. If you don't study, I guarantee you will not pass the final."

Day 6: Final. We take the written test. Not surprisingly, there are 3 parts: The main test with 140 questions (she did lie, there were maybe a dozen questions that weren't given to us on day 1, but she did go over them in class), the Order of Draw and The Arm and Heart (with a word bank). We finish the test, and leave until the doctor comes to watch us perform a capillary and venipunture draw. We finish our draws. Our instructor tells us, "I'm very disappointed. Half of you failed." We all did fine on the draws for the doctor, but the written exam we seemed to suck at. We all go outside, and she calls us in one at a time to discuss the suckage that was our class. I was called in 2nd to last. One thing about me, I hate waiting. I'm bad at it. I imagine the worst possible scenarios, and am sure they will be good compared to what I will get.

First person comes out: She messed up the order of the draw, has to retake.
Next person: She didn't think the order of the draw was important, so didn't study it.
Next person: Failed the main test
Next person: Didn't know the heart
So on and so forth, gets to me. By now I'm a mess. Enough people came out with a fail, I was pretty sure I had passed, but still terrified. She's taking at least 5-10 minutes with each person.

My turn. I go in. She says, "Congratulations, you passed. Missed only 4 questions total. In fact, you were the highest score in the class. See you on Monday!"

So yay. I am a smarty. And even bigger relief, the higher you are in class, the earlier you can go on externship. And since I'm still not working, I would like to get to my externship as soon as possible. I can't believe the amount of relief I feel. I do hope the rest of the class passes the re-take. But seriously, how can you NOT know something will be on the final when the instructor tells us every day it will be there!
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Maramarag on August 19th, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
You're smart. Also, other people are dumb ;)

Congrats and here's hoping for a job!