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03 October 2010 @ 03:42 pm
Life and books  
Whaddya know? I am now pretty much legit. I passed my National Phlebotomy exam! Which means, assuming I don't get kicked out of my externship, I will be able to perform vampiristic tendencies on unsuspecting saps! My poor victims will kneel before the might of me! That, or I'll be able to get a job. You know, the thing that pays me money, the thing I haven't had since March? Would be nice.

Also, BOOKS!

Weridos of the Universe, Unite!, Pamela F. Service - A kid's book about aliens attacking earth and mythological gods and two schoolkids (and a tribble) must defeat them. Rather cute, if not childish.
-Zombie Survival Handguide: Recorded Attacks, Max Brooks - I read a lot of graphic novels. This one was about the Zombie attacks that were mentioned in Max Brooks' novel, World War Z (or his first book, Zombie Survival Hanguide, I actually don't remember now). Not too graphic, but as always, fun.
-The Unknown, Mark Waid - Another graphic novel, it's about a woman who is dying who wants to find out what's on the other side. It was written by Mark Waid, so pretty much a sure bet.
-Queen and Country 01, Greg Rucka - I love Greg Rucka, but I read this one after hearing him talk about the character, Tara Chase being just like the Men from U.N.C.L.E., only much much better. She isn't. She's good, it's fun, but has nothing on Solo and Kuryakin
-Incorruptible V1, Mark Waid - Yet another graphic novel by Mark Waid. This one is the companion series of Irredeemable. In this one, the main bad guy realizes that the balance of power is off, due to the good guy becoming bad, so he becomes good. It's a bit confusing, but hella fun.
Red Hood’s Revenge, Jim Hines - The third in the kick-ass fairytale princesses. I didn't find this one as good as the first two, but that is most likely only because it took place primarily in the desert. I hate desert-dwelling stories. Never have, probably never will. It was well written, delved into the history of my favorite of the girls (Tara, Sleeping Beauty), but hated the locale.
Dewey’s Nine Lives, Vicki Myron with Bret Witter - True stories about cats who wrote to Vicki Myron after her first book came out. It was a fun read, if you like stories about cats, which I do.
The Silent Speaker, Rex Stout - Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are at it again. That's all I can tell you about it. I know I enjoyed it, but I don't remember what the book was about, exactly.

*A Spell For Chameleon, Piers Anthony - I decided I wanted to re-read a couple of the Xanth novels. This is the first one, Bink must find out what his magic power is before he gets kicked out of the land. The first couple of books in this series is fun, but it becomes boring after a while. I'm not going to read too many of them, maybe just up to "Golem in the Gears". Or skip many of them to get to that one. We'll see.
-Midnight Nation, J Michael Straczynski - JMS of Babylon 5 fame (dude, I LOVE that show!) went into comic book medium to tell stories now. I haven't read his spider-man series (I sort of hate spider-man with a passion), but his other comics are really good. This one is no exception. A man has had his soul stolen, and he must get from LA to New York by foot within 6 months and fight the main baddie to retrieve it.

The God of The Hive, Laurie R King - The latest in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series. Ms. King, I am happy that you brought Holmes back in a way I enjoyed. I really liked the first few books in the series, even if you treated my favorite character, Dr. Watson as the dunce from Nigel Bruce's performance, instead of what he really is, a brilliant DOCTOR. And, even though you treated Mary Russell as a smart woman in the first book, and slowly made her mind less brilliant as the series progressed, I stuck with you. But now you have gone to far. It is no longer Sherlock Holmes. It is now a character who bears the same name as the brilliant detective, but very little of the deductive powers. And what you did to Mycroft Holmes is quite unconscionable. I believe that I am now done with this series, even if you do continue to write her. (Of course, when the next book comes out, I'll feel obligated to read it, but I probably won't enjoy it. So there!)
*The Source of Magic, Piers Anthony - Meh
*Pawn of Prophecy, David Eddings - I am re-reading The Belgariad and Mallorean. I love these books. They follow Garion on his quest to rid Evil from the land. Yay for Good!
*Queen of Sorcery, David Eddings - Book 2 of the Belgariad
*Magician’s Gambit, David Eddings - Book 3
*Castle of Wizardry, David Eddings - Book 4
*Enchanter’s End Game, David Eddings - Book 5. Once again, the series did not disappoint.
*Guardians of the West, David Eddings - Book 1 of the Mallorean. Same stuff. Always fun.